Regulations for using Rehearsal room “Salka na Matecznym”


  1. Equipment of the Salka na Matecznym, located at ul. Rydlówka 5 in Krakow is the property of JMF Jakub Wołek based in Krakow 30-611, ul. Bojki 8/59, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, with NIP number: 6792964796, REGON number: 369412811, hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”.
  2. The User using Salka na Matecznego declares that he has read the content of these regulations and fully accepts it.


  1. The user of Salka na Matecznym is a person who has concluded a contract for using Salka na Matecznym. The user is responsible for the other team members while using Salka na Matecznym as for themselves.


  1. Keys should be picked up at the porter’s lodge by entering the key number, date, time and name, and signing legibly.
  2. The rehearsal room can be opened only with keys and a magnetic card.
  3. The User receives the magnetic card from the Owner.
  4. The rehearsal room should be closed with all 3 locks.
  5. If User notice that the room has not been properly closed, User should report such information to the owner by phone, email or SMS.
  6. If a other band enters Salka na Matecznym immediately after the rehearsal, User must make sure they have a magnetic card. Only if other band has a card User can let people come in without closing the door.


  1. The price list for using Sala on Mateczny is available at
  2. Reservation dates for rehearsals in Salka na Mateczny are makeing personally, by e-mail or by phone with the Owner.
  3. Information about the dates on which Salka na Matecznego is available should be obtained from the Owner.
  4. A rehearsals canceled up to 24 hours before it can be made up in the future.
  5. The rehearsal canceled less than 24 hours before it starts and before it takes place is payable in the amount of 50% of the sample value (another 50% can be used in next 60 days or until the end of package)
  6. A rehearsal that has not taken place and has not been canceled is 100% paid and does not pass to the next month.
  7. Canceled hours can be used until the end of the package for monthly packages or up to 60 days from the date of cancellation for standard reservations.
  8. Money paid into the Owner’s account is not returned in the form of cash and can only be used in the form of using the Salka na Matecznym.


  1. The user is obliged to report to the owner of the Salka na Matecznym any defects in the rooms and their equipment immediately after they occur. Otherwise, it will be charged for the repair or redemption of damaged or missing equipment.
  2. The user undertakes to use the equipment for its intended purpose.
  3. During the rehearsal, the User bears the material responsibility for devices and equipment that are in the Salka na Matecznym.
  4. Liability does not apply to operational equipment components such as drum heads and cymbals, unless their destruction results from improper use of the equipment.


  1. The User, after the rehearsal, is obliged to leave Salka na Matecznym in a non-deteriorated condition.
  2. In Salka na Matecznym, smoking and drinking are strictly forbidden.
  3. The equipment should be properly arranged after the rehearsal.
  4. Rubbish should be taken. The bin is intended for small sorted waste.


  1. Contact by phone: 787 265 891
  2. Contact by email: jakub.wolek and salka.mateczny in the domain
  3. Bank account number: Idea Bank 54 1950 0001 2006 0053 6448 0001